Premiership Game Score Predictions

Sorting the Score Predictions for PL GW 9 and MLS GW 34 2016

The door is slowly closing on our second year playing MLS fantasy, but it is being kept slightly ajar by the inclusion of a Bracket Challenge. Thanks to Secret Zorro we have a league to join that will enable us to choose the outcomes of the various matchups leading up to the Championship. It will also be a forum for banter among all those who participate. Check the site for the Web address, league name, and password. Continue reading

Premiership Game Score Predictions

Sorting the Score Predictions PL GW 8 and MLS GW 33 2016

The International break felt like a mini vacation. Only 4 games in MLS to contend with during this period, so this gave me time to play fantasy “Daily 11’s” and “Predictor” with the European Qualifiers. This didn’t work out too well as I missed deadlines 2 days running but will continue in November and try to win a prize. Continue reading

Premiership Game Score Predictions

Sorting Score Predictions for EPL GW6 and MLS GW30

The first five weeks of the Premier League season have seen the statistical predictions taking a roller coaster ride. Up one week; down the next. With about 18 prediction sites posting by Wednesday of each week, the data set for the mean and mode analysis is three time larger than that available for MLS. As everyone agrees, you can never have enough data. Continue reading

Premiership Game Score Predictions

Sorting the Score Predictions for MLS GW22 2016

As the anticipation builds for the start of FPL, the FMLS season begins it’s march to a conclusion. After this week’s action there will be only 12 weeks remaining in the MLS. FMLS seems to have found a wider audience here, with quite a few managers/site regulars participating, either in the main leagues or mini leagues within the site. Hopefully all are having Continue reading

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Fantasy MLS Game Week 20 Review and Game Week 21 Preview

While there is the temptation to focus on FPL, let’s not forget our summer game, Fantasy MLS, where the big names of the weekend were Giovinco and Drogba.

The weekend started by disappointing Yura owners because the Salt Lake player only managed 44 minutes because of injury. However, as the game week progressed the points stacked up as Kamara scores, Drogba picked up a hat trick and Piatti again found the net. The big sensation of the night was Giovinco, who pulled a hat-trick out of the hat just as many managers were giving up on him.

The game week closed with a brace from BWP and a delightful goal and two assists from Kljestan. Overall it was a big scoring Continue reading