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Gundogan, Aguero and Son in Leaving it Late for Game Week 11

After a powerful display against Barcelona on Tuesday, Manchester City players are the most popular choices on FPL market this week. And I don’t mean Kevin De Bruyne. On the other hand, Tottenham’s declining form has spurred almost 100,000 managers into getting rid of Son. Should we follow suit? As usual, VanDan and Wallace share their opinions on the players everyone’s talking about.

The Men of the Hour

Ilkay Gundogan (MID), Manchester City, £5.6m

As discussed on this week’s podcast, Gun-doe-wan/Gun-due-gan, whichever way you choose to pronounce it, has found a finely knit purple patch of form in the past few weeks. Under Guardiola, the German import has blossomed, having grabbed braces in each of his last two appearances. It is interesting to note that Gundogan’s highest goal-scoring tally came in during the 2010-2011 campaign while the midfielder was still plying his trade in the German Bundesliga with FC Nurnberg. That tally was a meager five goals in total across all competitions, a stat that does not bode well with future managerial investment.

Although his goal-scoring exploits were assumed to be premature, the German followed up on his domestic league performance by responding with yet another solid showing midweek against the preeminent leviathan-like giants known as Barcelona. Both goals scored in the Champions league were examples of Gundogan finding clever pockets of space, but they were still matters of “being in the right place at the right time”. Despite a cheaper price tag than the majority of alternative City attackers, Gundogan offers nowhere near the amount of threat as, so say, Kevin De Bruyne, but based off of current form, and until we are explicitly proven otherwise, appears to be a viable second choice option. For those willing to take a risk, choosing Gundogan over teammates such as Sterling may be the route to go. City faces the leaky Middlesbrough defense this weekend, so it will be interesting to see if the German can keep returning and deliver another prosperous showing.

Sergio Aguero (FOR), Manchester City, £13.1m

Apologies in advance to any who may become extremely distraught once again, but the selling of Sergio Aguero was a common sight last week after multitudes of managers opted to veer away from the Argentine and search for points elsewhere. All who sold and hit the market were duly disappointed as Aguero grabbed a brace and seemed to be his lively and brilliant usual self once again, putting together an impressive statline along the way. Now it may be ludicrous to some to simply say “Buy Aguero Now”, but it should surely cross the minds of those who have sold in the past few weeks. Once again midweek, Guardiola’s men looked rejuvenated and have seemingly escaped the clutches of a recent poor run of form, meaning the side seems more likely to return to free-scoring form.

Against Barcelona on Tuesday, despite not finding the back of the net, the striker was constantly a threat, attempting five shots, and contributing some key passes along the way. Of course we still must keep in mind City’s tendency to be a bit inconsistent, but with a mouth-watering upcoming trio of fixtures it is daring to not enter the coming weeks without the Argentine. City play host to Middlesbrough as noted above, and then are scheduled for visits to Crystal Palace and Burnley. Apart from implying that repurchasing (or holding) Aguero is not a bad idea, there is little else to be stated. Though, in Guardiola’s first season with Barcelona, after suffering any type of multiple game run of draws or losses, the Spaniard responded each time by guiding his side to a minimum of seven consecutive ensuing victories. Be wise.

The Reject

Heung-Min Son (MID), Tottenham, £7.5m

It seems only a short while ago I was writing up the Korean, praising him for his timely vein of form in Kane’s absence and for embodying the “pass the ball nonchalantly until you lose it then scurry like a bunch of ferrets to get it back and score” footballing philosophy of Pochettino. Nowadays he’s turned into a hot potato, a warm cup of soju, a fizzing old jar of kimchi! Basically, an unwanted commodity. In fairness, it is the entire team who has lost form drawing their last 3 matches after winning the previous 4. In those winning fixtures Son has failed to score meaningful points only once suggesting that once Spurs get back to winning ways his star will rise again.

Other similarly priced midfielders like Antonio and Lallana have also dropped in form over the last 4 gameweeks paving the way for the likes of Allen and Coutinho while early season boy-wonder Capoue is still owned by almost 40% of managers despite not delivering in the last 5 gameweeks. According to “” Son’s characteristics include the propensity to cut inside, being a counter attack threat and not diving into tackles, all good things. But Squawka’s graph shows a clear drop in form awarding him a minus performance score in his last 2 matches.


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67 thoughts on “Gundogan, Aguero and Son in Leaving it Late for Game Week 11

    • @Bartram

      capital “N” capital “O”. NO.

      Sanchez will always be a threat + we don’t know if Gundogan is nailed-on.
      Who are your other Mids? and more importantly, do you have a Free Transfer to make the move, cos I don’t think it is worth taking a hit to bring him in

      • @OldGoat I have and I believe Arsenal have two tough fixtures and City really easy ones.
        My rest mids are Coutinho, Firminho, Capoue, Allen (Sanchez).
        Forw: Aguero, Lukaku, Rondon
        Def: Walker, Koscielny, Kelly, Pieters, Amat.

        On the other hand, I can move out Koscielny for chelsea defender for November.
        My original idea was -8 Sanchez, Capoue, Koscielny out. Gundogan, hazard, Alonson In.
        This is based on assumption Arsenal will fail in November as usual. And their fixtures can help this a lot :)

        • @Bartram Not so sure on taking a -8pt hit. Leave Sanchez in for this GW. Maybe do Capoue to Gundogan and you could do Sanchez to Hazard next week. Though Chelsea is at home to Everton this weekend and they have been blazing… I don’t think it will be a walk in the park. I also have Kosc and need to get rid of him but dont know if taking a hit to bring in a defender that might not get a clean sheet.

        • @curto14 misisng 0,3 to do Gundogan Capoue. Currently I am willing to keep my team for this GW, even if I expect low score, but who knows what can happen in the int break, right :)

      • @Bartram @Bartram @Bartram @OldGoat Couldn’t agree more. Don’t do it man… you will literally regret this transfer for the rest of your life.

        • @Bartram my point about Sanchez needing a rest in the article earlier this week was that we need to watch out for when it does happen, but I don’t think we need to worry until he gets a rest. If I was Wenger I’d sub Sanchez after 70 minutes this weekend claiming injury, give Alexis two weeks rest, then play him until Wally returns.

        • @Bartram if anyone can, then he can. Drop me a message after work and I’ll dig out the predicted goal stats for Sanchez for the next two weeks. You can also see this information on the Scout Tab on the RMT Bot.

  1. @ChorleyRocks
    Good Morning!
    I’ve got a bit of a problem…
    Who should I bench as I’m going all in on 3 Man city Players..
    Should I bench Walker or Defoe for this game week?
    I feel Arsenal are bound to score with their run…

    My team is as follows
    Heaton (Pickford)
    Walker, Koscielny, Lovren (Kingsley, Amat)
    KDB, Firmino. Coutinho, Allen (Gundogan)
    Aguero, Costa, Defoe

    So I want to slot Gun in and drop someone at the back or front?
    Appreciate it!

    • @Gunned its a tough one as in the RMT simulations Walker keeps a clean sheet 24% of the time, while Defoe scores 14% of the time. So neither option appeals.

      • @ChorleyRocks Lol i think i might be in for a bad game week… Unless my midfield hits at it hard!
        I’ve decided not to do the transfer for Gundogan and save the transfer for next game week… Might be worth more then

  2. @ChorleyRocks any updates on the site team?

    I’m interested on the thoughts behind Walcott, Sterling and Deeney.

  3. I read somewhere the other day that Chris Brunt is worth a punt, based on his set piece deliveries, West Broms tendancy to score from them and also that Pulis loves a clean sheet. He is now classed as a defender and priced at 4.9…… What do you think?

    • @YakiBear this week surely not the time to get him with them playing Leicester away. But if you’ve nothing better to do with your FT next week, I’d say go for it! If not as zorro said, wait till WBA start collecting clean sheets again and then jump on!

  4. Is it worth making a free transfer just to not lose value? Sterling looks to drop and I’m thinking of swapping to Gundogan. Although I’ve missed all the price rises that he got this week, so it feels kinda silly to do it now.

  5. whose to captain mate.. hazard (form), austin (fixtures, rmt), firmino (gamble), alonso (gamble).. my team
    heaton, alonso, morgan, stones, hazard, payet, walcott, gundogan, firmino, austin and costa

    subs cech, rondon, mcauley, pieters..
    rmt suggest austin cap and payet vice cap..

    tq mate

  6. HI Guys,

    9 in my minileague.
    my team –
    Def – Cech, evans, coleman, zuniga, kelly and amat
    Mid – sterling, firmino, cout, allen and Ozil.
    FWD – Aguero, Luk and Wilson.

    1FT and 0.4 in the bank.
    My Def is really sh1te… Im thinkng to play AOA chip and then have 2 FT for the Int break.. if not – then get rid of Coleman and bring Fuchs or Stones… what d’ya think?

    • @chorely rocks
      I reposted it on help my team – can you delete it from here? thanks and sorry for the confusion

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