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This season the FF1st team are proud to announce we have a top 1000 manager running the official Fantasy Football First site team. His job will be to tell you how and why he has picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain the reasoning behind any changes along the way. Introducing manager Nomde Guerre and his FF1st site team.

Game week 20

A good week for the site team scoring 104 points -4 hit giving a nice round 100 score

The week started great in the early Saturday kick off. We had the armband on Kane and he duly delivered with his second hat-trick is 2 weeks. His return of 34 points was the dream start we had wished for, and there were many more points to follow.

We made 2 transfers this week and boy did they deliver! We took a chance selling off Hazard after 2 lacklustre FPL performances and brought in the on fire Brazilian Coutinho, who I have wanted for about 4 weeks now. There was a double purpose to this move, the extra funds generated allowed an upgrade on non-playing Mbemba to Alsonso.

I had watched Alonso the week before at Everton and he frightened the life out of me every time he got forward, which happened throughout the game. He’s such an attacking threat that I deemed him good enough to replace the lost Chelsea attack cover in Hazard.

And Alonso didn’t let us down! He scored and got a clean sheet, with 2 bonus points, for a 14 point haul. He was actually unlucky not to score more being brilliantly denied by the keeper on 2 other occasions.

Coutinho like Alonso was straight on the goal trail with a goal after only 8 minutes. A superb goal from about 25 yards top corner giving the keeper no chance. He went on to assist a goal to Firmino and got 2 bonus points (the same as Alonso) for a 13 point haul. 27 points from these two new signings is what was needed to build on the 34 points from Kane

How did the rest of the team fare?

DDG not so good, conceding twice v Burnley in a game I saw as a probable clean sheet. A hugely disappointing return. He’s been conceding quite a few of late which is a concern.

Christensen was no show out with illness, meaning we missed out on the Chelsea clean sheet. This turned out not to be an issue as Kenny came off my bench (for the second week running) with a clean sheet for 6 points. Kenny has proven to be a cracking little signing; at just £4.4m he’s proving great value.

Otamendi was our other defender and he got a predictable clean sheet at Newcastle, with 2 bonus which will have been helped by his goal like clearance from an Aaron’s chip.

Sterling scored the only goal in the game at Newcastle, and got 3 bonus for a total score of 11. He’s been a superb source of FPL points in recent weeks, but sadly the advantage is being eaten away as he’s been transferred in by the thousands.

Salah is also highly owned, so a good haul from him provides less of an advantage. He again delivered points with 2 assists for a 9 point haul.

Richarlison missed his usual sitters (one day he’s going to score a load of goals) but he still delivered 5 points by way of an assist.

Pogba was hugely disappointing with 2 points, more worrying was his positional play which offered very little threat, more about that later.

Rooney was no show again with illness which is hard to take, he’s been in our team 2 weeks now and is yet to play.

Niasse comes in for Rooney. Two minutes before the FPL deadline I read rumours on twitter that Niasse was going to start instead of DCL. This was literally 2 minutes before the deadline, so I never had time to post on FFF. As a result of the gossip, I moved him up a position on my bench, from third to second – just behind Kenny. This gave Naughton the last place on my bench. This was a decision which gave me an extra precious point because Niasse picked up 1 point compared to Naughton who scored zero after conceding 5 goals against Liverpool.

Regarding that Liverpool game. Firmino once again inflicted damage on my FPL rank due to his 13 point haul and high ownership. Something has to be done in my FPL to address this rank risk.

Game weeks 21 and 22

I posted on the site team thread that 2 early transfers were to take place to catch price rises and avoid falls. (Chorley hopes to have a way to send site team news to irregular readers in the coming week. For now, be sure to subscribe to the Browser Alerts to keep up to date with site news.) These two transfers were part of a 3-transfer master-plan spanning two game weeks.

Pogba has been hugely disappointing. I sold him to buy the impressive Lingard, who again scored when coming on as a second half sub v Burnley. He’s not as nailed to start as Pogba, but when he does play he’s “more or less” playing in a strikers role. He also allows me to bank £2m on the sale of Pogba. To confirm Pogba was sold to Lingard.

The second part of the plan was to get Firmino in to avoid further damage. Rooney, who has not even played for us, has been shown the door and in comes Firmino. This means triple Liverpool attack! I’ve absolutely no issues with this given Liverpool are the most attacking team in the EPL right now. Liverpool have another good home game to come in GW21, and I fear Coutinho could be rested, so the introduction of Firmino at least retains double attack-cover for this game – although I hope Coutinho does start or come off the bench to gain points.

Part 3 of this transfer plan is for next week, the Spurs and West Ham Double Game Week, known as a DGW. If you are new to FPL, a DGW is when a team plays twice in the same game week. A good captain in a DGW has the potential to return over 40 points.

Richarlison is becoming frustratingly annoying missing chance after chance, which affects his bps, meaning that even when he does score he gets little or no bonus due to missed opportunities. I was short of funds to bring in Arnautovic (or “Arnie” as he’s known as on twitter or message boards). He’s been on fire of-late, playing out of position as centre forward. The spare funds off the Firmino + Lingard transfers have meant Arnie can come in to my team without a hit in DGW22.

I do have a slight concern that Michail Antonio is likely to be available for DGW22, and this could impact Arnie’s positioning. However, for now, this is the plan.

Kane will be benched GW21. I’ve seen a lot of comments asking should I sell to buy back in GW22? My answer is an emphatic no!!! To me “to sell then buy back a week later” is a complete waste of 2 transfers. I confirm, I will bench Kane in GW21, and he will definitely be site team captain in DGW22.

I’ve had questions asking are you using the free hit chip to load up on DGW players from Spurs and Hammers? No is the answer! There are more fruitful double game weeks to come.

What about triple captain chip on Kane? Undecided is my answer. Normally I would say yes but given Spurs play twice in just 3 days it’s a huge concern Hatty Harry will be rested in one of the games (as is the case with all Spurs players). For example, I had thought about bringing in Son, but given the close proximity of these 2 games I’m unsure if this is a good move. Kane and Arnie will definitely be in my team but beyond that I really don’t know.

In regard to the DWG defences, I’m totally avoiding defences of Spurs and West Ham. Spurs rotate defence as part of their normal EPL planning. Add in 2 games in 3 days then defender rotation is nailed-on, meaning the benefit of the DGW is lost. The Hammers defence looks dodgy, conceding 3 in both of their last 2 games. Arnie, and possibly Lanzini, are the only Hammers players who interest me, while Kane, Son, Alli and Eriksen, are the Spurs players to look at. Personally, I won’t be going with Eriksen or Alli, while Son is a good possibility.

I will update on the site team thread as the 2 GWs progress

This is my team for GW21. Salah is my captain and Sterling my vice captain.

Team rank progress

As I write this article we sit at rank 69k with 7 points to come off the bench and Arsenal v Palace to play. That’s a good green-arrow rise from game week 19’s 107k.

The team value is currently 106.1m which is a good platform for the rest of the season.


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Seasoned FPL manager, I spend far too much time analyzing, researching and creating my FPL teams but enjoy the seasonal challenges FPL throws at you.

522 thoughts on “Fantasy Football First 2017/18 Site Team for game week 21 and 22

    • @IvanTheTerrible Hope it pays off… now we are on same bus journey (12 ph taken and TC Kane).

      Next best TC is Salah in GW34…but thats the week for BB chip.

      • @GoalMachine
        There are two ways only. We’ll get it right or very wrong. Let’s hope it’s the first one :fingerscrossed:

        • @IvanTheTerrible Last 2 seasons I got 33 and 27 from TC’ing Kun…. the 33 one includes Kun’s PK miss 2 season back….could have been 51 otherwise……. if Kane manages 9 in 1 match, then its ok…but WHU is a tough match as always for Spurs.

        • @IvanTheTerrible Same here, on the TC bandwagon, but chose Eriksen instead of Kane, likely good for all who are TC Kane,

          1) I got a grand zero when i TCed him a year or two back,
          2) my TC of Aguero yielded 6 (Combination of Pep rotation and early sub)
          3) My luck with Alexis was slightly better, got an amazing 15 points, in a DGW, 3 and 2, if you are asking.

          Might as well be done with the TC .

          Having said that, maybe this year, I will strike gold

        • @GoalMachine I got 75 and 27 from TCing Kun in past two seasons. I’ve TC’d Kane this week :fingerscrossed: I think Spurs beat WHU in the reverse fixture this season, with Kane scoring a brace (can’t check as the FPL site is updating).

    • @UmConteWesizwe it may have had something to do with Liverpool playing 48 hours before and players needing a rest. Add to this Everton on Friday.

      • @Kralin2 all the more reason to include Firmino today and give him a rest Friday maybe? He’s a matchwinner.
        I mean he’s without his two stars today and he gambles. They got lucky today…
        Happy New Year from sunny Cape Town

        • @UmConteWesizwe the games have come thick and fast and today was as good a time as any to rest / reintegrate players. It sounded like Pope kept Burnley in it anyway. And nice to see Lallana get some minutes.

          Happy new year to you. The sun briefly emerged here earlier but soon hid away on another cold, dingy day.

    • @NomdeGuerre no, remarkable.

      I got 9 today but still remained, just, in the top 10k. I guess the high ownership of Salah saved me there. The fun and games this GW really kicks off tomorrow.

      • @Kralin2 This GW has all the hallmarks of an FPL Sh**Storm

        Dreading what awaits in the remaining games, already down to one bench player as Kenny was no show
        On the plus side I did get a green arrow :rofl:

        Couldn’t believe it when I saw the numbers
        Kept refreshing the FPL page to update my rank as all the points had been added
        Thinking WTF is wrong why isn’t it upgrading my rank then saw the green arrow at the bottom.

        Couldn’t make it up, bloody rank rise of 1 place
        Better than a red I suppose

        • @NomdeGuerre yes: this whole gw will be made or not by Kane.

          I’m just hoping to exceed whatever the average is. But am not holding my breath.

          Has been good for Mahrez owners so far. Main points of interest, for me anyway, are Mahrez has suddenly become Mahrez again, and can Lingard sustain this form.

        • @Kralin2 You’ll likely not believe this but I mentioned on here about playing free hit chip – really regret that decision now in hindsight

          I made a team full of DGW players, Jones, Mahrez and Aguero

          It looks like it will score massive the side I created, absolute sickener I didn’t activate
          Aguero could run rampant v Watford.

        • @NomdeGuerre I did the same…created the FH team with them and then did not activate…instead went for TC….taken 12 ph…Sold Salah (should have not done it, Coutinho could have been better if at all)….now Salah price did not decline.

    • @NomdeGuerre oh, and congratulations on your h2h win. I’m in a complete graveyard spiral in that league. Somehow you got me again when Hazard was benched. But anyhow, well done.

      • @Kralin2 Yeah saw I beat you
        Travesty was you would have beaten anyone else in the league bar me
        Sods Law I think it’s termed ;)

      • @Sergio Hopefully I end this nightmare week on a few thousand rise up the ladder but the way it’s looking I won’t be holding my breath :wacko:

        • @NomdeGuerre This Christmas period literally destroyed my OR, went down from hovering around 10k for a few weeks to 55k. Hoping for better game weeks in the upcoming months. :fingerscrossed:

        • @Sergio Hazard’s (fantasy) form and his not starting against Stoke has been injurious. I got away with owning him over Xmas but shifted him out this GW. I may get him back or could go down the Alonso route and double on their defence.

          Had he started against Stoke he would probably would have got 15 points.

        • @Sergio Just looked at your team Sergio
          You’re pretty well set up there TBH, you’ve not commited to the DGW so may face a further fall this week depending on what happens in the DGW but after that you’ve no DGW repairs to make
          I’ve seen teams set up with triple WHU and Spurs and these teams may feel an after affect in coming weeks
          You won’t as you’ve already got the basics in place and have retained them.

          Looking back at your red arrow run you’ve not done a lot wrong TBF
          Question – why didn’t you make a single transfer beteeen weeks 14 and 19?

          Maybe this is the root cause of your problems? You’ve missed 4 FT in that period, that’s going to affect you as your losing points on non performing players and also on ones you would have bought in that period.

          Dig in mate, you’ll come good but you’re likely looking at a nasty red arrow this week because of the DGW players and those who have lumped on filling up on 6 DGW players
          Your week totally depends on what happens with these DGW players

          Good luck

        • @NomdeGuerre Thanks for this analysis, truly needed to hear this!!

          To answer your question regarding lack of transfers, it was a time where I had the essential players but no stand out players that I should have been getting in immediately. It felt like doing a transfer for the sake of not losing it. Maybe I should have done them looking back.

          I also took my first hit of the season this GW and it feels sketchy. I went (kinda injured) Lukaku > Firmino and (injured) Simpson > Otamendi. I reasoned that together they’ll get more points then the pair I had before.

          Do you think there is a transfer/s that I should making in general or an issue that needs looking at with my team?

          Side note: My uni work has been killing me lately, excuse my decreased participation on the site. I also wish everyone a belated happy new year!!

        • You’ve done right bringing in Otamendi
          Also have Azpil, prefer Alonso myself but nothing in it TBH
          Jones is the best Man U def cover, Kenny has been great for me up until the last 2 games one he’s rotated in.
          Ogbonna is a fair enough pick too especially given DGW
          You have the 2 essentials in Salah and Sterling, I would and did sell Hazard to release funds
          Hazard to Lingard would give you about 6m including your funds in bank
          You can then upgrade Surman to most premium mids such as Coutinho Alli Eriksen Son etc or double up on City with Silva assuming he’s over personal issues now.

          Kane Firmino are what I’m running with right now.

          Alternatively you could put the Hazard profit into Firmino to Aguero and still yet a decent upgrade on Surman

          It’s mostly in place mate
          Keeper situation maybe look at Pickford once fixture are favourable ( haven’t looked recently TBH )

        • Something along these lines Sergio
          I’ve 1.5m left in the pot after this so you should be able to do something like this.

          Aguero option I need to look at myself as I’m thinking that way myself

          Click to enlarge image

    • @NomdeGuerre i still behind you for 70 pts. my capt curse is killing my OR. n gw22 made 3 minor mistake. but hope it could be good in green arrow.

  1. Question: Is it just the Cup games next weekend that the teams play prior to the continuation of the League games on January 13th or are there other fixtures to be concerned about? Thanks.

  2. Kane news latest
    Apparently he’s travelled to Swansea
    Find out tonight if he’s to start
    Coming off the bench will do me if he can bag a goal
    The West Ham game is where the points are, Hammers likely target the home game v WBA for 3 points tonight and rotate heavily at Spurs

  3. @NomdeGuerre Good luck tonight, I went Erickson instead without triple chip. I started with 17 points but it has improved so I am happy as I am above average but that would change if Kane bangs in a hat trick and , a lot of people are going to suffer. But it is a single game week bcoz of his last cameo :)

    • @FrenchyGunner it’s gonna be murder to watch this game tonight
      Hopefully it works out well for us both
      Good luck

  4. Reports that Coutinho to Barca is a done deal, will be moving out for Salah return now, Coutinho dropped in price last nght so I need Salah to do likewise before buying.

    @shb No hurry on this as Salah is hopefully going to fall tonight or tomorrow, there’s so many WC active the price sites cant track the % fall/rise accurately.

    • @NomdeGuerre

    • @NomdeGuerre
      According to French publication RMC Sport, Eden Hazard continues to “flirt” with Real Madrid and has rejected a second contract extension and Antonio Conte is getting “irritated”.
      Evening Standard

    • @NomdeGuerre sounds like a plan, I’ll wait until you confirm as always

      Any other transfers planned?

      • @shb Not as yet mate, keeping options open, I submitted a GW22 review and plans for GW23 to Chorley but have not seen anything of him so no idea when its being posted.
        Salah needs to come back in though once reported as fit, hoping his price falls.

        Came through a stormy Xmas/New Year programme relatively unscathed bar blowing the TC but its not that bad as explained in the review article.
        Rank 32k now up from 41k so have taken another 9k off those in my way of top 1k.

        How you ranking now? missed out on the DDG CS again but got 4 off Adrian? no idea how you stand as GW final points and rank.

        Go again next week, I needed this week off FPL TBH so its come at a good time this FA Cup 3rd round.

        • @NomdeGuerre 62 points overall. Adrian got 6 points over his two games so matched DDG. 75k rank now so not too bad

          Agree that Coutinho needs to be replaced now it’s confirmed, and Salah has to come in once fit. Agüero now he’s nailed (after the Liverpool game) sounds a shrewd move too

        • @shb Going well there mate ;)
          I know a lot of top FPL managers who are barely 100-200k let alone 75k
          Need to get your finger out mind and catch me up :lol:

        • @shb Absolutely no hurry at all now to do moves as Salah is on the rise so won’t fall in price as hoped.
          Shocking considering how many offloaded him 500k since announced injured yet no price fall, absolutely ridiculous by FPL.

          Coutinho can fall again with no actual fall in terms of loss to us, same applies to Firmino, Arnie, Son, Christensen.

          Will wait as late as possible to do moves now as there’s nothing pressing unless injuries arise from the Cup games.

          Easiest way to get Aguero after doing Coutinho to Salah is Firmino to Aguero and Son to Groß
          Need a 0.1m fall on Groß to be doable or Son to rise again which he’s very close to doing.
          Will look at this in more detail as and when as there’s no hurry this week and both Son and Firmino are on home games, what could accelerate the move however is if Firmino is found guilty of this ridiculous racism accusation, after seeing footage I can’t see this happening TBH but you can never tell with the football authorities.

        • @NomdeGuerre agreed on waiting, there’s plenty of time for injuries to pop up 🙁

          Ridiculous that Salah hasn’t fallen in price at all! :headbang:

        • @shb the main reason is that alot bought salah early and have to much value invested in him and instead of selling are holding instead amigo, makes sense when you think that buying him back could cost you .5 more than what you bought him for :thumbup:

        • @shb The whole system is flawed with respect to rising and falling prices when wild card transactions are not included. During a week in which I am going to use my Wild Card, I can make as many transfers as I want and each one gets included in the tabulation for price rises/falls if I don’t hit the Wild Card button. Then on Saturday morning I decide to hit the Wild Card and all of the hits I would have taken are expunged yet were still counted during the weeks tabulations. Best way to sort this out would be to count every buy and sell into each players rising/falling prices regardless of whether the Wild Card is used or not. Buys are buys and sells are sells regardless of the situation! :elmer_fudd:

        • @NomdeGuerre Quick question Nom; Current team is: Ryan/Adrian, Maguire/Jones/Long(Bur)/Alonso/Tarkowski, Lingard/Mahrez/Sterling/Salah/Doucoure, Rooney/Aguero/Firmino. Have 1.1 ITB. Thinking of doing 1 of these 3 potential moves; (1)Ederson in for Ryan (2) Richarlison in for Doucoure or (3) Vardy in for Rooney. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

        • @illuminati 1955
          Problem you have is whichever way you go you’ve a sub Doucoure/Rooney who’s eating up funds
          Would suggest Rooney to Quaner which creates 3m?
          Added to your 1.1m that’s approx 4m as I’m not sure of selling value of Rooney
          Doucoure is about 5.6m?
          That allows a big upgrade and change to a 3-5-2 formation.
          As you’ve no Spurs attack cover I would suggest Doucoure to Son 8.1m and Maguire to Otamendi with the remaining funds to get your City cover as he’s a bonus magnet unlike Ederson

          Rooney to Quaner ( first bench option 4.6m)
          Doucoure to Son
          Maguire or Tarkowski ( if funds allow) to Otamendi

          Leaves front 7

          Sterling Salah Son Lingard Mahrez
          Aguero Firmino

          Alonso Otamendi Jones

          Ryan has decent fixtures as has Adrian

        • @NomdeGuerre Thanks for the insight Nom. I am in total agreement with you. My biggest worry is with rotation and the subsequent automatic substitute who replaces the starter. Having one quality player on the bench would probably be ok instead of having two. Much to ponder. Thanks again. :tiphat:

        • @illuminati 1955 Also forgot to mention
          Cenk Tosun has signed for Everton so Rooney may fall deeper now and may also lose the pens he’s been so heavily reliant on for goals as Tosun himself is a pen taker.

          Tosun actually doesn’t look a bad option himself
          Been priced at a very reasonable 7.5m in FPL today so he’s now a proper striker option at Rooney cost who we know plays OOP

        • @NomdeGuerre are you thinking of doubling up on Kane and Kun, or replacing the former with the latter when Kane’s fixtures turn bad? I like the idea of doubling up, but obviously would have to compromise elsewhere.

          I can’t make up my mind and am happy with Kane for now; the Southampton fixture should be ok as well.

          However City have some lovely fixtures ahead but I think even with Jesus injured Kun may be rotated a bit.

        • @Kralin2 Double up Kralin.
          2 reasons
          Aguero fixtures are mouthwatering
          Firmino will be badly affected by the loss of Coutinho supply line.

          Might even do it for next week if I can figure out how

        • @NomdeGuerre I’ve been (over)thinking along similarish lines.

          The week Kane has Southampton Kun is at home to Newcastle.

          There’s been chatter about dropping Kane for Kun when Kane’s fixtures turn but I’m unlikely to do that. The nailedness of Kane sees to that. After selling Alli for Lingard I can afford to get Kun in for Firmino.

          Need to overthink some more. Have vague worries about Kun’s playing time and that he’s not as essential to City scoring as say Kane is to Spurs, etc.

        • @NomdeGuerre

          Coutinho has supplied the assist for 3 of Firmino’s 9 league goals.

          I certainly agree that Liverpool will be affected by Coutinho leaving, but they have scored 20 goals in the league this season without him on the pitch.
          Not all doom and gloom IMO

        • @SecretZorro No idea what you’re referring to Zorro?
          New weekly review article?
          If it is then Yeah feel free as it was done before knowledge of the Coutinho move

  5. So. I just brought in Pogba instead of the cheaper, more in form Lingard.

    Hope I didn’t make the wrong move 🙁

      • @roccerfeller Many are saying he’s a must, many are staying with Lingard. What clouds things a bit are: buying back Salah, replacing Coutinho & what to do about Kane and or Kun…

        • @SecretZorro
          Ah cheers Zorro :)
          Yeah I fortunately got by with benching Salah, I got him cheap enough that I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford him back. Also, you gave me a fantastic tip in selling Coutinho and I banked 0.2 with him to Alli for a straight swap. I already have Son so did Alli to Pogba for a bit more in the bank and a possible Stones or VVD upgrade next week for Holgate

          For the time being I have both Kane and Kun. Kane’s season keeper for me, Kun will keep an eye on the Sanchez to City situation!

    • @roccerfeller I wouldn’t worry about it. He’s perfectly capable of getting you some points, especially this weekend. His deeper position, plus Lingard’s form, is turning people more towards L; but Pogba is more nailed.

      You can always do a quick swap after this GW, if necessary.

      • @Kralin2
        Cheers Kralin :)

        Yeah I will certainly keep my eye on it. I wanted to go with a safer bet, hope I did the right thing! By going Pogba I missed out on Lingard rising 2x so that is lingering about.

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