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Fantasy Football First 2016/17 Site Team for Game Week 32

My team was nominated as the official Fantasy Football First team. My job is to tell you how and why I have picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain my reasoning behind any changes along the way. This article explains the changes I have made to my team and why.

How did I do in game week 31?

In game week 31 I sold Mane, Sigy and Mirallas and bought Alli, Sanchez and de Roon for an 8 point hit. I also intended to captain Sanchez but due to the recent (and still ongoing, sorry) issues with the site I did not get a chance to change my captain. Luckily for me, Alli saved my game week.

I scored 58 points (50 after the hit) and more-or-less maintained my rank, with a slight drop from 74k to 76k.

Game week 32

Starting with injuries as always, Gabbiadini is red flagged but is expected back this weekend. Other than that, I have no injures.

Looking through my squad for players whose form is not commensurate with their price, Mannone, Walker, McAuley, Defoe and Gabbiadini are up for review. Of these Spurs have great fixtures, so Walker is staying in my team. McAuley offers me rotation in my back line, and has two fixtures in game week 37, so I am happy to keep him too. Gabbiadini is injured and has missed the good games, so I am not sure about keeping him, but the Sunderland players are my bigger concern.

Mannone is not playing and has not played for 5 weeks, while Defoe has not scored in 6 games and has only had 6 shots in the last 4 games, with only 2 shots on goal in the last 5 games. These are both worrying issues for me and for Black Cat fans.

Defoe this week faces Manchester United, who’s defence has been reasonable of late, so I feel Defoe is unlikely to score. Moreover, FPL Managers are selling Defoe, and his price will drop soon, so I have to move him on; Mannone is not at risk of a price drop despite not playing, so I can transfer Mannone out next week.

Therefore I decide to sell Defo.

Looking for replacements, Benteke is of interest. He has good fixtures and has scored in two consecutive games. He also has a double game week in game week 34 suggesting I could make a little money on him. Granted the fixtures are tough, with Arsenal this week, Leicester next week, plus Spurs and Liverpool in the DGW, but Palace are in form.

Other strikers currently in form and under £8m are Afobe of Bournemouth at £5.4m, with two goals in 3 games but two tough games coming up; Hernandez (£5.9m) and Niasse (£5.6m) if Hull, with a goal each and good fixtures from game week 33 – but not this week; and of-course Benteke.

So I decide to take a punt on DGW Benteke. To confirm, I have sold Defoe for Benteke.

I’ll confirm my captain later this week in the comments page of this site. I won’t be on twitter this week, sorry. Also, to give you notice I won’t be posting my game week 33 team until the morning of Saturday 18th April, but if I make any changes I will tweet on Monday. The changes I am likely to make are Gabbi to a striker (if Gabbi is a no-show again) or Mannone to Hennessey.

Best of luck this week.


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631 thoughts on “Fantasy Football First 2016/17 Site Team for Game Week 32

  1. I need to change Brunt with some Middlesbrough defender, but not with Gibson. Which one is safe bet? Barragan, Ayala? My plan is to buy now someone from Middlesbrough and next week Pogba or Lingard. I have Ibra, Valencia and Traore, and with those two players I will have 5 DGW players, with Ibra as triple captain.

    • @Drazen Montenegro why la antipathie towards Gibson? If you can’t shake that then Bernardo / Barragán. Are you going to wildcard immediately after this DGW?

      • @Kralin I wanted some cash itb. :) If I buy Gibson than I must buy Lingard if I buy some other defender than I can buy Pogba. I planned to go with WC before GW36 and BB before GW 37.

        • @Drazen Montenegro Fair enough. Are you not worried though that a) an obdurate Burnley may keep Man U’s score down and b) the game against Man City in terms of Man U’s DGW? Plus fixture overload, etc? I’m keeping well clear (in my main team, will punt on Zlatan for my reserve team).

        • @Kralin :headscratch: Sincerely, I did not thought enough abouth those facts. But, I’m not sure when I can play TC if I do not play it in this DGW. Next DGW is ideal for BB. Also situation where you have Ibra with two games which will count like one is very tempting. :)

        • @Drazen Montenegro I think there will be TC options for Kane and Kun, e.g. Kun versus Middlesbrough. If Man U’s DGW was against say Sunderland and Watford I would join the queue to TC Zlatan.

    • @SergioSammut a couple of things. Had he not been fit I was going to double on their mids (e.g. get Eriksen in alongside Alli). This was because of their attacking brio. I haven’t seen the stats (I don’t go in that deep), but I suspect Spurs create a lot of chances. They are playing brilliantly at the moment.

      In addition, their fixtures look on paper to be better than Chelsea’s. I don’t think Spurs will give up on second place once Chelsea seal the league so they will keep going for it.

      Furthermore, Costa’s form has been ok but not outstanding.

      These factors pushed me into it – I had to make a quick decision because I had exactly the right money.

      • @Kralin I did the deed. Kane is in my team. I hope he does well for us. He has to catch up with Lukaku’s 23 goals for the golden boot. If it’s not to maintain second place, Kane will go for the individual award.

  2. Think I’m going to take a risk and lose Aguero this week need to spread the money I have 2FT so will do Aguero/Obiang out -> Kane/Zaha in giving me.

    Jaku (Heaton)
    Maguire, Alonso, Valencia (McAuley, Cargill)
    Sanchez, Alli, Siggy, Zaha (DeRoon)
    Lukaku, Ibra, Kane

    GW34 will do McAuley -> Gibson giving me 5dgw players probably benching siggy.

    Sound okay?

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