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Fantasy Football First 2016/17 Site Team for Game Week 24

My team was nominated as the official Fantasy Football First team. My job is to tell you how and why I have picked certain players and formations for the Fantasy Premier League, and explain my reasoning behind any changes along the way. This article explains the changes I have made to my team and why.

How did I do in game week 23?

For game week 23 I made no transfers, rolling my FT so that I have two, allowing me to see what happens in the FA Cup and toggle two players for free. If you are unsure what the impact of the FA Cup is on our FPL Team, read this helpful guide. I scored 32 points in a week that was disappointing for most, and my rank fell 19K to 233K.

Game week 24

Last week I pointed out that I was concerned with Costa’s recent points return and my prefered replacement was Zlatan. I also mentioned I was disappointed with Coquelin’s game time and highlighted that Arsenal, City, United and Southampton do not play in game week 26 making Coquelin, Sanchez and Cedric unavailable for selection in my team. I am not worried about 3 players being out because this absence can be covered by my bench, as long as my team has not injuries.

I also said I would tweet if I made the Costa -> Zlatan move as an early transfer. In the end I did not buy Ibrahimovic.

I felt that if I brought in Zlatan then it would mean I had 4 players unavailable in game week 26, thus forcing me to sell Coquelin for GW26. Moreover, it meant that if any of my players picked up an injury then I might have to take a points hit in order to field 11 players. Lastly, after this week Chelsea have good fixtures, so I can wait this out.

So onto Coquelin. In game week 23 he picked up 2 points with 66 minutes of game time. His game time for the 4 prior games reads 22 minutes, 0 minutes, 27 minutes and 19 minutes. Not great. So looking for cover for game week 26, I decide to swap Coquelin for Snodgrass of West Ham. (I tweeted this yesterday).

This is not an ideal move as there are a few problems. The first is Defoe and Snodgrass do not rotate well. This is the rotation for Phillips, Mirallas, Defoe and Snodgrass, where there is no obvious single bench candidate each week.


This, however, is not a problem I need to address until game week 27, which gives me options for the FA Cup blanks in game week 28. I might have selection dilemmas, but having some options is better than no options.

Looking to the RMT Adviser’s algorithm for help, the predicted points of Snodgrass and Cedric are higher than the predicted points of Pieters and Phillips, but Snodgrass + Cedric makes and 8 point pair while Pieters + Phillips also makes an 8 point pair, and regular readers will know I try to avoid 8 point pairs. Using the Scout Tab on the RMT RMT Adviser’s algorithm, which explains the predicted points per week for each player, Snodgrass + Pieters = 6.8 predicted points while Cedric + Phillips = 7.3 predicted points. Cedric and Phillips it is then.

Therefore, my team for this week is:

My captain this week is Kane, because he has taken more shots on target than Alli over the last 3 games.

Sadly there is not captaincy article this week. It is my fault as I was not able to get the RMT Adviser’s algorithm Stats to Fergie on time. Sorry everyone.

Best of luck this weekend.


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  1. Please help my team 

    Alonso, Walker, Funes Mori, Brunt,
    Eriksen, Sanchez, Snodgrass, Phillips,
    Ibra, Kane, Lukaku.

    Pickford, _____ Whelan, Amat.
    1ft, 0.3m.

    1. Eriksen to Siggy. (3 Spurs but bought at 8.3m)
    2. Sanchez to Siggy. (Would need to wait a week at least you would think)
    3. Ibra to Jesus. (Form player atm- blanks a concern)
    4. Whelan to Carroll ( Whelan only palyed about 70 mins yesterday tho).
    5. Other?
    6. Save.

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