Early Fantasy Football Transfer

5 Budget FPL Defenders for December 2017

Defenders in FPL are often overlooked and not particularly recognised as the hotspot of points in managers’ teams. However, defenders usually offer the most points per million pounds spent and thus offer the most value for money. Moreover, many teams get more clean sheets in the second half of the season meaning the right defender will score more points after game week 19 than before game week 19. In this article I’m going to look at the potential of gaining a big mass of points from a collection of relatively low-cost players. Continue reading

Fixture Changes

Christmas fixture list: rotations, knocks, replacements and exits

From now until the FA Cup starts in the New Year, there are 6 GWs. 6 GWs in under 21 days. That means injuries and rotations, followed by a January of replacement signings and potential exits. The Christmas period is almost like an international tournament, and so history tells us to expect some struggles. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Podcast

The Fanfeud FPL Show for game week 11

From time to time we are guests on the excellent Fanfeud FPL Show. Last night’s Halloween special looked at “The nightmare before rotation” featuring Pep, “The Kane Witch project” with the missing Harry, Hazard vs Sanchez in “Ghostbusters, which one you gonna call?”, and Jones in “Scream IV, he’s injured again”. We also look at recent performances and upcoming fixtures. Continue reading

Fantasy Champions League

Fantasy Football Champions League Preview Match Day 3

Once again, the cream of the European clubs are back in action with the next round of games in this seasons champions league, with injury’s a-plenty due to domestic league games taking their toll and also world cup qualifiers this last week, all the top players have been playing overtime for both club and country, there are going to be many tired legs on the pitches and many frayed nerves in the dugout with managers trying to get their best team out with fit players. Continue reading

Early Fantasy Football Transfer

3 players who stood out in the first round of international fixtures

The internationals have always been seen negatively by English Premier League fans as well as Fantasy Premier League managers, mainly because players come back tired or injured. However, it can also be the time that you discover a hidden gem or a chance for under-performing FPL stars to pick up their form (Sigurdsson my eyes are on you). With the first batch of games already played, here are a few observations and recommendations on players for your watchlists. Continue reading