Early Fantasy Football Transfer

The Earlyish Transfer for game week 9

The fact that a lot of premium defenders scored a lot of FPL points had certainly forced a lot of managers to secure the services of a selected elite defenders, especially the likes of Spurs and Arsenal defence. But in GW8, the trend was reversed with only West Ham, Chelsea, Stoke and Watford keeping CS. Those managers who kept faith in Holebas, despite the Hornet’s failure to keep a single CS, were certainly the beneficiaries. Much were due to the dull attack of the Middlesborough forwards. Any team who play against Middleborough has a very good chance of a CS. Continue reading

Rate My Fantasy Football Team Machine

The FF1st RMT Adviser is winning in the Battle of the Algorithms

It is no secret that there are many websites that help FPL managers choose transfers using algorithms. They mostly are very good tools, but all have key differences in how they calculate their points projections. Because of these differences, over the last 7 game weeks we have compared our RMT Adviser to an alternative algorithm driven site, looking specifically at how many points each algorithm has earned this season. This season FF1st’s RMT Adviser’s Budget Algorithm team would be ranked 781 in the world while the alternative Budget Algorithm team earned 89 fewer points ranking it at 496,795 in the world, before transfers. Continue reading